GE Aviation Global Sourcing, Supplier Request for Computer Access (RfCA), Account Process Map

1. GE Aviation Computer Guest Access Restrictions Acknowledgement
 • Prior to applying for access to the GE Aviation SCORE Web Portal, Supplier Company must have signed an acceptable Proprietary Information Agreement (PIA) or Nondisclosure Agreement with GE.
 • GE Sponsor must ensure there is a signed copy of the PIA. GE Sponsor can work with Buyer/CA for questions related to PIA.
 • Each supplier's employee reviews the GE RfCA Agreement form, completes all fields in the form, electronically signs and submits the form to request access to GE Aviation systems. This sends the supplier's employee's electronic signature to the GE SEPM Support Central Site, creates a record in the Supplier Access Workflow, and notifies the GE Sponsor via email of the request.

2. New GE Aviation Supplier Account
 • GE Sponsor adds their Sponsor User ID (NT ID), reviews the workflow for accuracy, edits, then approves or rejects the creation of the supplier's employee's account into GE Aviation system.
 • This sends the workflow to the GE Aviation Global Sourcing Account Provision Team.
 • Account Provision Team creates the supplier's employee's account and send in emails the Single Sign-On (SSO) User ID and instructions for the supplier's employee to create a password and challenge questions/answers.
 • The Account Provision Team submits a request for "SCWC-SCORE" in IDM system.

3. New GE Aviation Application Request for Suppliers
 • GE Sponsor approves "SCWC-SCORE" request; the IDM system sends an email to notify the GE Sponsor and the supplier's employee when it is complete.
 • After the SCORE account is created, the GE Sponsor uses the IDM system to request other accounts for the supplier's employee (ACES, SCP, Data Distribution, etc.). IDM notifies the GE Sponsor and the supplier's employee when access is complete.
 • It may take 24-48 hours for the account to be ready for use.

4. Supplier manages the GE Aviation Account and Access to GE Applications
 • Supplier's employee goes to SCORE Web Portal and logs in using their assigned SSO and password.
 • The Supplier's company is responsible for notifying the GE Sponsor if an employee with access to any of the GE Aviation Applications is no longer with their company or has changed roles.

Reference Materials:
 • Process overview: New Supplier Access Request Process Flow
 • Request for Computer Access (RfCA) Instructions to apply for access: Supplier's Access Instructions